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Tileable bokeh pattern set



Today we prepared a tileable bokeh texture in 5 variations. All of them are digitally altered to produce a beautiful out of focus effect. The jpg files are 530×530 (300 dpi) in size and are available for download below. You can download the Photoshop .pat file here.
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200+ free high resolution textures


Today we are adding the remaining 200 textures from our Slovenian seaside trip to library. There are lots of various categories covered in this pack.  There are some nice worn metal and rust surfaces from old fishing boats, mud textures and nature sourroundings from salt farm, a large addition to paper section including some intensive color paper surfaces, lots of stone and rock textures from the Adriatic sea and much more.
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Grungy flowers tileable patterns set


In today’s post we have prepared a grungy tileable patterns set in intense colors and stronger contrast. We have premade 6 high resolution tileable patterns in .jpeg format (530×530, 300 dpi). You can also download a Photoshop .pat file containing all 6 patterns here.
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28 Free glass textures


I hope you all had a nice Easter with your families, but now its time to get back to work. Today we are adding 28 free high resolution glass textures to library. Some of the pictures were taken on the remaining glass surfaces of some of the oldest houses still standing in city of Piran. They are mostly very worn windows and in most cases broken. Some of them are actually intact and are a good example of how the windows looked like more then a hundred years ago. The rest was taken in industrial zones and mostly have wire integrated surface and some are intact and others are broken.
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40 Free grunge textures


We are adding 40 new high resolution grunge textures to library. These were all photographed on Slovenian seaside ports, fishing harbors and a salt farm. Lots of them are old worn surfaces of decaying boats and none of the textures were modified in any way with Photoshop, so these are natural surfaces with a grungy look. We made about 350 new texture photographs on this trip and these 40 are the first release. You can expect all of them to be available by the end of the month. Enjoy the textures and be creative!
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Free metal, wood, nature texture pack


Today we added 71 new high resolution textures to library. You can find them in the metal (24), wood (19) and nature (28) categories. Nature images contain white and colored snowy surfaces, ice  and some lakeside birds, metal contains some intensive colored metal surfaces and wood has a nice selection of worn wooden surfaces. Use them in your designs and be creative!
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Free texture pack


Today we added 112 new free high resolution textures on our free texture website Most of them are taken in winter surroundings and have a grayish tone to them. You can download the images in 3 different sizes. All are high quality images in 300 dpi format.
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9 Free colored grunge textures


According to Jana’s obsession with colors and her love for the grunge look, she put together 9 textures based on that theme. She used quiet a few of these in her work and she hopes they will come to got use for you too. The method of stacking multiple layers in Photoshop was used to create these textures.
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Free Grunge Wall Texture Pack


Today we added a set of 5 grunge wall textures. Original photos were pictures of plain white walls under different light and shadow circumstances, which where then edited in Photoshop. Multiple layers of added textures were used to achieve the final grungy look of the textures. We hope you can put them to some good use and we look forward to see your work, which you can upload to our flicker page.
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54 Abstract textures added on


A new category Abstract Textures was added on 54 new high resolution images were added to the category. Images are either edited with Photoshop to achieve the special abstract look or they were taken directly with the camera in special conditions.
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